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Mile 610: On Cravings


“Cause I know that you’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout it,
And I know you think you’re out of your mind.”
–Hanson, “Waiting for This”

Miles Last Week: 47.25
Total Miles: 610

You don’t have to be pregnant to have cravings. I think we all suffer from them–be we with child or not.

Example #1: All morning at work I just wanted to eat something warm and gooey and cheesy. Doesn’t that sound delicious? In my lunch, however, I packed a PB&J, apples, grapes, and a yogurt. Not warm, not gooey, and not cheesy–but still all right, I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing. Which I usually am.

Example #2: The only thing I’ve given up in my daily diet is pop (or soda or Coke or whatever the regional colloquialism is in your region). I’ve totally sworn off carbonated beverages. Usually I’m just fine with my flavored water, but some days—BAM–it just hits me. I feel like I NEED to have a Dr Pepper or an A&W Cream Soda or a Mountain Dew or whatever.

We all know the feeling, preggo or not preggo. We’ve all had that moment when “Hmmm, that sounds really good” changes to “OH MY GOSH IF I DON’T HAVE A CHEESEBURGER RIGHT NOW I’M GOING TO EXPLODE.”

Diets suck, friends. That’s why I’m trying to be an All Things in Moderation type of gal. I worry that if I cut a bunch of things out, the chances that I will just binge on the forbidden fruit later will skyrocket.

So, what’s a girl to do when that urge for a big, giant pizza with extra cheese, washed down with a orange soda, hits you like a mack truck?

I do the normal thing. I shove that urge down as far as I possibly can and go about my business. Basically, I’m treating myself like a three-year-old. Oh, you want that thing? Look at this other thing instead! Sure, it’s not as great as that first thing, but it’s shiny!

What can I say? I was raised Catholic. Repression is an art.

Here’s to hoping that this particular type of repression won’t be as psychologically damaging as other types of repression. If anyone has any tips, though, feel free to share. I’m really trying to avoid any diet-related mental trauma.