• “Close Encounter”–7/30/2012
    800-word romantic short story published in Volume XXXIII, Issue  31, of Woman’s World magazine
  • Sky Warrior: A Tournament of Champions–Fall 2012
    An exciting compilation of stories featuring mythological winged creatures and a gladiatorial match to the death. (Written as part of a Mythology/Folklore class.)
    Read it now!



  • “The Simplest Rules are the Best: Controlling Retail Rage”–9/30/2011
    An editorial recounting the virtues of elementary rules of conduct.
    Article on BlogCritics
  • “When Patriotism Becomes Intolerance”–10/27/2011
    An editorial exploring how love of country can go too far.
    Article on BlogCritics
  • “Your Backyard Isn’t Wild Enough for Exotic Pets”–11/17/2011
    An editorial discouraging exotic pet ownership.
    Article on BlogCritics


  • “My Pope Moment”–9/22/2011
    A personal narrative in which I describe the closest proximity I’ve ever had to the Pope.
    Article on
  • “How to Survive a General Admission Concert”–9/27/2011
    A guide to not dying in a crowded concert hall.
    Article on BlogCritics
  • “Near-Death by Moshing”–11/10/2011
    A gonzo journalism piece about my first mosh pit experience.
    Article on BlogCritics
  • “The Most Famous Person I’ve Ever Met: Waiting for Stephenie Meyer”–11/19/2010
    A gonzo journalism piece about sort of meeting Stephenie Meyer.
    Article on BlogCritics

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