Mile 2056.5: The (Closet) Purge


“Just remember all the good the purge does.”
–Mary Sandin, “The Purge” (James DaMonaco, 2013)

Miles Since Last Time: 42.5
Total Miles: 2056.5

There comes a time during weight loss when your clothes stop fitting. The normal thing to do would probably be to get rid of/alter clothing at that point.

Totally reasonable–which is probably why I haven’t been doing that.



Here’s the weird thing I’ve found about how losing weight relates to fashion: There is a constant, nagging worry that you’ll slip, that you’ll lose all of you’re progress and need your old clothes again.

At least, I’ve found that I have that anxiety. I suppose I can’t really speak for everyone else. I just feel that there is a more than slight chance that I’ll go crazy and spend a month eating nothing but deep-fried pizza or something. (Does that even exist? Wait–don’t answer that.)

Instead of getting rid of/altering clothes, I tried the belt thing. As some of the waistbands have gotten a little bunchy, they’ve been relegated to a nebulous pile that I’ve been trying to ignore, completely convinced that I’ll be wearing it all again soon.

Then, one day, my friend expressed an inordinate amount of shock that I was wearing jeans that actually fit and I thought, Maybe I should reconsider some of my decisions.

So, the monthly challenge for October is to indiscriminately get rid of everything that doesn’t fit anymore. And, yes, I probably will need the whole month because there are some parts of my wardrobe that I still don’t want to lose. I’m looking at you, polka dot sweater.

No more clothes hoarding. If I can’t wear it, it goes.

And if you see me wearing something that is a bit too big this month, it’s probably because I’m saying goodbye. Don’t judge.

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  1. Good for you! You deserve some new stuff with as far as you’ve come. You’re pretty trendy so you should take your stuff to a consignment/resale store and maybe you can trade them in towards some new (to you) things. I just treated myself to new workout clothes to try to keep motivated. It is fun!

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