Mile 1935: Just Say…Okay


“[Not U2 lyrics because I deleted that album from my iTunes.]”
–Not U2, “Not a U2 Song”

Miles Last Week: 64
Total Miles: 1935

On this, the final day of the 21-Day Challenge, I have a quick announcement.

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but I messed up a total of five times in the last three weeks—and each time was due to me just not using my brain properly.

Failure #1: The jellybeans.

In the lobby of my place of employment, there is a jellybean dispenser. Sometimes when you walk in at 7:30 a.m., you grab a few of the beans and are chewing them up before you realize that you aren’t supposed to be eating candy. Then you promise not to mess up again.

Failures #2-#5: The Kind bars.

During the second week, I ran out of breakfast granola bars. One morning, I stopped at a gas station, bought four Kind bars with nuts and chocolate, and ate them for breakfast the next four days because apparently I can’t be bothered to think through my decisions in the morning. Chocolate was definitely on the list of “no” food.

The bad (or good) thing is that I did pretty well on the rest of the challenge. Just those five times in what was otherwise three weeks with no chips, no cake, no fast food, no ice cream, and no white bread (as long as you don’t count pasta, which I don’t—BREAD AND PASTA ARE TWO TOTALLY SEPARATE THINGS, GUYS).

According to my math, screwing up five meals out of approximately sixty-three means that I was about 92% successful. Not too bad, and certainly better than my performance on the other monthly challenges. Sounds relatively “okay” to me.

And not to stray from the topic, but I even broke my 65-minute elliptical record on Tuesday. NBD.

New 65-minute record! 9/16/2014

New 65-minute record!

All in all, I’d say I feel relatively good about the 21-Day Challenge. Dare I say that I may even try it again in the future? But, you know, with less failing.

And I have a week to figure out what October’s feat shall be, which basically means that I’ll wait until the thirtieth to search for fitness challenges on the Internet. Also NBD. Until about ten o’clock next Tuesday night.


P.S. I’m totally having pizza this week. I’m actually surprised this whole post wasn’t about that and chips.

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