Mile 1443: So You’re Feeling Discouraged


“[guitar riff]”
–Muse, “Plug In Baby”

Miles Last Week: 50
Total Miles: 1443

It happens to everyone. You have a bad day (or week or month or whatever). Maybe you have a bad workout. Or your car dies while you’re driving eighty down the highway. Perhaps you think you might be recycling blog topics but are too lazy to look back through your archive. Or you’re not at San Diego Comic Con so you decide to coat everything you eat with cheese and dip it in ranch. You know, basic stuff.

For whatever reason, you fall into a rut. You feel down. You start to lose hope. It’s okay. Like I said, it happens to all of us.

There are lots of regular ways to try to pull yourself out of a funk (Think positive! Change your routine! Put a smile on your face!), but here are a few methods that are not so much in the ‘just be happy’ vein:

1.) Repress.
Just don’t think about it. Push any negativity down and deal with it in therapy in a decade or so, after it’s sent you into an emotional tailspin. When all else fails, procrastinate.

2.) Vent.
Okay, repression probably isn’t the most effective way to process your feelings. Have a good venting session with a sympathetic friend. Ice cream in the flavor of “stereotype” is optional.

3.) Drink more water.
As far as I know, there’s no scientific evidence that drinking more water will help your mood, but your increased trips to the bathroom will surely distract you from little things like emotions.

4.) Make something.
Write. Knit. Photograph. Paint. Construct. Nothing banishes discouragement like creativity.

5.) Take a nap.
Maybe you’re not discouraged. Maybe you’re just tired. Have a siesta.

6.) Have a cupcake. It won’t kill you.
Unless it will–in which case, don’t.

7.) Look at GIFs of British dudes.
I’m just saying…it makes me feel better.


Tom Hiddleston’s famous snake hips. Source

Yes, there are lots of ways to feel better pull yourself out of a rut. However, it is important to remember that “looking at Comic Con tweets and pictures” is not on the list. That will just make you sad that you missed it again.

Oh, look–Cumberbatch.


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