Mile 1336: Femi-Fitness


“Take this weapon, forged in darkness.
Some see a pen. I see a harpoon.”
–twenty-one pilots, “Ode to Sleep”

Miles Last Week: 57
Total Miles: 1336

I’m not gonna lie. Lately, I’ve been kind of lacking on brilliant blog topic ideas–as you’ve undoubtedly noticed. Today, I was scrolling through Pinterest to find any topic inspiration at all, and I came across this bit of motivation:

Um, what?

In case you missed the subtext, these ten words seek to drive your enthusiasm for exercise by suggesting that a boy will like it.

Seriously? Yeah. Okay…

Working out is obviously going to change your body (kind of the point), but going to the gym to please someone else is just… sigh.

Do I really need to go into the whole ‘women don’t exist to please men’ spiel? Does the Internet really need another tirade about ridiculous, outdated gender attitudes?

Well, if those attitudes are going to persist, I guess we have to continue those crazy feminist rants. (If you’re imagining me waving my hands around in a sarcastic manner when I say those last three words, your mental picture of me is pretty accurate.)

Let’s keep this simple.

The only reason to be worried about the effect your workout has on someone else’s knees is if that person is spotting you. In that case, you’ll probably want his (or her–yay, political correctness!) knees to not be weak.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should only have one reason for exercising: your health. Do it to make yourself feel better and stronger. Do it to channel your own focus and energy. If other people have a positive or negative opinion about it, that’s awesome for them. But how they react isn’t particularly your responsibility.

Now, let’s get some real motivation from some more positive corners of the Internet.


Please ignore the bad punctuation. The sentiment is what’s important. Source

Always good advice. Source

Always good advice.



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  1. You go giiirl! If you pictured me doing 3 snaps in a ‘Z’ formation, your mental picture of me is pretty accurate. 🙂

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