Mile 1166: Wait, What?


“And suddenly a light appears inside my brain,
And I think of my ways,
I think of my days
And know that I have changed.”
–GROUPLOVE, “Colours”

Miles Last Week: 60
Total Miles: 1166

The thing about the elliptical versus the treadmill is that the elliptical doesn’t have a set speed. You just go however fast you choose to go instead of doing what the MACHINE tells you (which you told it to tell you–but whatever).

The good thing about this system is that you have to remember that you are directly responsible for pushing yourself. Plus, you can pretty easily monitor your progress by looking at how far you go during a set amount of time. The farther you go, the more progress you’re making. Ba-da-bing.

Throughout the Mile Project, I’ve been keeping track of my 65-minute record on the elliptical and watching it get better. Up until last week, it was 5.21 miles in 65 minutes. Then, last week, something weird happened.

I broke my record. Twice.

Me on Monday.

The record on Monday.

Me on Friday.

The record on Friday. I was really hauling it, apparently.

Yeah, I know. I was shocked, too. Even on the non-record-breaking days last week, I was beating my old speed. Which forced me to ask–is this elliptical broken?

Before I could find out, I remembered that I recently added something to my routine that may have been a factor. The 30-Day Ab Challenge.

Both Monday and Friday of last week were rest days on the challenge.

Guys, guys. It’s almost like the 30-Day Ab Challenge is helping my with my overall fitness or something. Like, doing those extra exercises is a good complement for what I’m already doing and is making me stronger to do other stuff.

Wait, what?


Mind explosion.


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