Mile 1274: Almost Eighty-Five Percent


“Give me one more quiet night
‘Fore this loud morning gets it right
And does me in.”
–David Cook, “Rapid Eye Movement”

Miles Last Week: 52.5
Total Miles: 1274

According to my math, I’m 84.9% of the way to 1,500 miles. Is that a downhill slide I see? Why, yes. Yes, I think it is.

How is it possible that there are only 226 miles to go? I don’t even know.

At this rate, I could hit the finish line in the next month or so–probably by Thanksgiving. Then what? Move the finish line and add more miles? Experiment with other workouts? Buckle down on my diet?

Oh, dear. My chest seems to be tightening. I think that’s the first sign not to think about what’s next yet. Procrastination, party of one! You’re table will be ready…eventually.

I’ll just think about the next five weeks and four days. I have three ideas of how to spend them, you know, besides the 226 miles:

Is this a sign on the whole running thing? Source

Is this a sign on the whole running thing?

Banishing five to ten more pounds from my body.
Last week, I finally–finally!–hit the twenty-five pound mark, and I’m definitely liking this trend. Five pounds seems very doable in five weeks, but why not shoot for the moon with ten? Perhaps I’ll end up somewhere in between.

Crunchity, crunch crunch crunching.
I’ve done a big portion of these 1,274 miles on the elliptical, but that only really takes care of your arms and legs. My poor abs are feeling neglected. (That is, if they are even in there. I’m not totally convinced.)

Running, maybe?
I’m still so torn about running, but at this point, I may just be delaying the inevitable. I was dragged kicking and screaming into calorie-counting, too, and it hasn’t been totally terrible. Maybe running won’t be, either. If I do it. I’m not totally convinced on that front, either.

Only 15.1% to go!

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  1. Woo hoo!! Good for you. I finally buckled down and dusted off my workout dvds this week. It was tough, and very disheartening to see how far I’ve got to go, but at least I finally started something. You HAVE to come see me!! Mom said you were invited to come with her for turkey day… expect a very persuasive letter or postcard soon…

    • Haha–I’ll be on the lookout! 🙂 We’ll see about Thanksgiving–I’m not sure with work and everything. We’ll see, though.

      And good for you, too! Starting is one of the hardest things!

  2. Amanda,

    Instead of running, you might try dancing. I go all out with my wii Just Dance game and it is quite a full body workout that will definitely hit on your abs. I do that and Zumba because hell if you’ll see me pounding the pavement in my running shoes.

    • I may have to invest in that game. There’s a Zumba class at our Y, but I can’t get there by the time it starts. I don’t think I’ll do the running thing. A running trail can’t be the inevitable destination for anyone who starts working out. I don’t accept that.

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