Mile 562.75: New Rule


“I’m leaving you for the last time, baby.
You think you’re loving, but you don’t love me.”
–Duffy, “Warwick Avenue”

Miles in the last two weeks: 71.5
Total Miles: 562.75

Here’s a simple observation I’ve made: The bicycle machine is the easiest way to rack up the miles.

Bicycle Machine

Not me, obviously.

Seriously, that little odometer moves about three times faster than it does on the treadmill or elliptical.

Here’s the drawback: You burn calories at about half the pace.

Here’s another bad thing: I can already feel myself relying on the bike’s enhanced distance capabilities.  In the last two weeks, I’ve had to miss a few days because of the holiday and a visit to see some family.  So, in order to make my miles, I used the bike a little bit every day in addition to the elliptical.

For some reason, this makes me feel guilty–like I didn’t work as hard to get those miles crossed.  I mean, I’m still counting them, obviously.  But I have some mixed feelings about the whole thing.

It’s all a bit of exercise give-and-take, I suppose. More miles, but few calories/pints of sweat.

To alleviate my guilt, I’m making a new rule: I can only use the bike machine for one hour a week. I can do it all in one day, or a little bit everyday, but I’m limiting myself to one hour.

It’s still good exercise, of course, but I don’t want the bike and those mega-miles to the only reason I get to 1,500. I have to make sure I’m not a one-workout-machine gal.  I definitely maybe have more dimension than that.

Well, right now I definitely do–and by that, I mean a pretty deep third dimension.

Get it?  It’s a lame fat joke.

No pity laughter, please.

Unless that’s all I can get, in which case I will absolutely take it.

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  1. I know what you mean about the bike. I used to do that as a warm up before the treadmill or weights. I think it’s a good idea to limit your time so you really FEEL like you’re earning your miles, but keep in mind that moving is moving!! Good job and keep it up! 🙂

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