Mile 38.75: The Old Lady Shuffle


“I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.”
–Three Days Grace, “Pain”

Miles This Week:  38.75
Miles Total:  38.75

Little old ladies are kind of adorable, aren’t they?

Source: Inkity

Source: Inkity

The little chains that keep their 1960s eyeglasses around their necks. Their frequent trips to the beauty shop. Hair that can withstand hurricane-force winds. Their gauzy dresses and cardigans from a Stein-Mart close out sale draped delicately over their slightly hunched backs. The laugh lines around their eyes. They way they always look like they’re chewing something. Their bony but comforting hugs.  Their little shuffle walk that can stop all foot traffic within a twenty-foot radius…

Wait–not being able to,take steps longer than a few inches? That’s totally me right now.

A week into my 1,500 Mile Project, my feet seem to have lost all functionality after I’ve been sitting for a while. Seriously. When I’ve done my walking for the day, I pretty much hobble around and spend a good amount of time pointing and flexing just to try to retain some mobility.

I feel like an old lady, minus the adorable.

Plus, every time I stand up and get my Old Lady Shuffle on, I always think of the popular motivational saying:

Source: Polyvore

Source: Polyvore

I’m sure that people with injuries and disease would probably disagree, but I see where these six words are coming from. Pain is breaking your routine. When it comes to exercise, being sore is surely a good sign.

If I have to do the Old Lady Shuffle for a little while, I’m okay with that–but still, maybe I should check Pinterest for some stretches or something.

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